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Performance Courses
Vocal Performance

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Vocal Performance

Discover the roots of your voice like never before. The key to becoming a versatile performer lies in appreciating the ‘uniqueness’ of your own voice.

We work on a global level with our students, implementing Advanced Vocal Techniques focussed on Posture, Breath, Diaphragmatic Support, Warm-up Exercises, and Passaggio Training, tailor-made for every unique voice type and in various Indian and Western genres.

This course is structured based on

  • Indian Classical Music - Hindustani & Carnatic Music 

  • Indian Light Music - Multilingual Film & Independent Music 

  • Western Music - Classical, Opera, Pop, Rock, Blues & Jazz

  • Advanced Vocal Techniques


  • Understand the Full Potential of your Instrument, which is your Body, and Gain Complete Control over your Vocal Projection.

  • Awareness of your Physical and Vocal Anatomy and its influence on Breath Control, Range, Vocal Placement and Resonance, Articulations and Timbre.

  • Increase your Vocal Stability and Perform for long hours keeping your voice completely Healthy.

  • Theoretical and Practical aspects of Indian Classical and Western Music and its implementation in Contemporary Music Forms like Sufi, Pop, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Bollywood, Kollywood, and many more. 

  • Become a Global Level Versatile Performer and Never Feel Limited towards any genre.

Vocal Performance
Guitar Performance HAME

Don’t Just Play Chords.


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Guitar & Ukulele Performance

Our Guitar/ Ukulele Performance course aims at creating a foudation in Leads and Rhythm through various techniques and music theory. Understand the potential of your instrument and its role in music. Learn to improvise on the go and derive techniques that are your own to develop your identity. Our focus is to upgrade you skills whether you're a complete beginner or an intermediate guitarist.


  • Learn to play quickly and smartly

  • Learn to play in band, accompany vocals and play solos

  • Understand correct placement and picking techniques and modify it to make it your own

  • Understand why you’re playing what you’re playing

  • Build stamina to play for hours during shows

  • Add simple embellishments to your favourite chords to make them interesting

  • Transcribe other instruments on the guitar to never feel limited

  • Compose melodically and harmonically on your instrument

  • Train your ears to be able to play what you listen to

  • Improvise freely over a wide range of genres using various scales, techniques and phrasings​

  • Play unusual syncopations and irregular patterns

Guitar Performance
Percussion Performance HAME


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Percussion Performance

Tabla · Djembe · Cajon · Drums

Our Percussion Performance course is aimed at teaching you the sense of rhythm be it in any genre with any instrument you choose. With our courses on Tabla, Djembe, Cajon and Drums, we cover all the genres and styles of playing so that you'll never feel limited towards your instrument. We focus on making you an all-round percussionist efficient enough to translate your learning to the instrument of your choice and become a versatile soloist and accompanist.


  • Understanding the beat, pulse and rhythm

  • Ability to identify sounds of different percussion instruments

  • Get proficient in hand synchronization 

  • Adaptive playing techniques of your chosen instrument to play any genre that you want

  • Learn the role of different instruments in various genres

  • Basic to advanced syncopations, accents, and styles

  • Understanding the syllable/bols of Hindustani tabla

  • Significance of percussion in fusion music.

  • History and structure of different percussion instruments

  • Build your confidence & creativity to accompany any art form

  • Learn how playing percussion strengthens the ability to focus and work on impulse control and decision-making skills

Percussion Performance

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