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Founder- Haroon Akhtar

Growth begins when you start trusting the process. If you enjoy the process, you'll see results every day at every step.

Haroon Akhtar
Founder & CEO 

About Us

In the ever-changing field of music, there’s a need for creative and result oriented processes to stand out in your career and life as well. Haroon Akhtar Music Entertainment tends to your hunger for creative satisfaction and the need for sustainability.

HAME is a place for all your musical needs. We offer One On One Education, Live Performances, Workshops, Masterclasses, Teacher’s Training Programs, Open Mics, Music Composition, Production and Recording Services. 

We are a growing family of creative artists and are eyeing to make a community of performing musicians all over the world.


Learning Experience at Haroon Akhtar Music Entertainment  

We believe that all of us are born artists and are born to perform. Learning at HAME brings out your inner passion and tones your mind space. We ensure that your interest in music will be ever-growing and you’ll always find an unbiased listener in all your teachers. 

Join our growing community and get One On One Education, Workshops & Masterclasses. Our Power Performance approach that includes live showcases at Open Mics, trains you to be a performer before everything else. We also provide Teacher’s Training Programs to our students to inculcate the qualities of a good teacher in them. 

Here you will learn to be a global level versatile performer and revolutionize today's music with your own craft. We truly believe "Anybody Can Sing'' & "Anybody Can Be A Professional Artist." Dive into the most unique and fun learning experience and discover the all-round musician in you.

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Haroon Akhtar

Singer-Songwriter · Music Director · Composer

Haroon Akhtar is a Singer-Songwriter, Performer and Trained Celebrity Vocal coach. Haroon specialises in implementing Advanced Vocal Techniques in a wide range of genres like Indian Classical, Light Music, Western, Pop and Rock, Opera, Bollywood, Kollywood, Sufi, Ghazal and Thumri.

Music has always been his identity and source of happiness. He has been learning and performing for more than 20 years and mentoring singers for more than 10 years. Haroon has sung the Oscar Nominated song 'Aafreen’ from the film 'The Hundred-Foot Journey’ as a part of AR RAHMAN’S SUFI ENSEMBLE. He was also selected to represent India to perform opera at BRICS - Russia in 2015. Haroon was awarded the ARTIST’S CERTIFICATE by the Government of Maharashtra for serving in the field of music for more than 15 years.

Courses Offered

Hindustani Classical, Indian Light Music, Western Classical, Ghazal & Western Pop and Rock

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Aakriti Pathak - Vocals

Aakriti Pathak

Singer · Composer

Aakriti Pathak encompasses over 10 years of experience in performing and 2 years of teaching. She has been trained in Hindustani Classical, Western, and Light Music. Aakriti has been affiliated with several fundraising concerts as a singer and led a few of them as the music director. She has also led the SIESGST ensemble for 2 years and has been a mentor for young upcoming artists.

Aakriti is an extremely versatile singer who performs a variety of genres in diverse languages. She incorporates contemporary methods and interactive teaching catering to the overall growth of her students She loves maintaining a fun environment and giving them the freedom of artistry and expression.

Courses Offered

Indian Light Music, Western Pop & Hindustani Classical

Anirudh Iyer - Vocals

Anirudh Iyer

Singer-Songwriter · Composer · Producer

Anirudh brings over 12 years of craft, experience, and influences having performed songs of various genres in multiple languages all over India. He has been formally trained in special vocal performance in Indian Classical, Light Music, Western Music, and Advanced Vocal Techniques under Haroon Akhtar and Carnatic Music from Shri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts for over 14 years. Anirudh has led many ensembles for national-level competitions as well as fundraising concerts. He has been the face of music at his college with many awards to his name for his contribution to music for 4 years during graduation. He is the lead singer for his band, "Chutney" and has his original songs on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

With 4 years of international teaching experience, Anirudh believes that every person needs a unique approach to music education, that will make students versatile enough to create opportunities for themselves rather than waiting for one to come.

Courses Offered

Hindustani Classical, Carnatic, Indian Light Music & Western Pop

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Sainiranjan Sharma - Guitar

Sainiranjan Sharma

Guitarist · Composer · Lyricist · Singer

Sainiranjan has been performing for over 12 years and has been teaching internationally for over 4 years. He has learnt guitars under the Guitar Virtuoso, Kiran Roy and has influences in diverse genres like Rock, Blues, Pop, Bollywood, Indian Classical and Jazz. He represented his college as the best guitarist at a national level consecutively for 2 years and received awards for excellence in music. Sainiranjan is the lead guitarist of his band, "Chutney" with his originals streaming on YouTube and other platforms.

Through quirky visualizations, Sainiranjan focuses on the grammar of playing the guitar and helps his students to start composing and make their own techniques right from the start. His sessions are simple yet detailed which makes them engrossing and fun and makes him very approachable. His students have not only learned to play the guitar but have also grown as an artist.

Courses Offered

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele

Sahil Iyer- Guitar

Sahil Iyer

Guitarist · Songwriter · Composer

Sahil has been performing for over a decade and teaching for 2 years. His influences range from Indie to Indian Classical Music and Fusion styles. He has handled many inter-state events and has a strong grasp of the technical aspects of music. 

Sahil brings his unique and unconventional playing style to the table which is adaptable to any and all kinds of music ranging from Rock and Jazz to Indian Classical. His policy of 'Work Smart Not Hard' brings a different perspective on how to explore around the fretboard and find interesting solutions to problems.

Courses Offered

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele

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Prajith Nair Percussion

Prajith Nair

Percussionist · Rapper

With over 15 years of experience in performing Tabla, Djembe, Cajon, Dholak, Congas & Bongos, Chenda, Daf and various side percussion all over India, Prajith is one of the best mentors to help you explore the world of rhythm. 7 years of Hindustani Tabla training clubbed with his contemporary teaching methodology simplifies advanced concepts and equips you to apply them in all forms of music.

Prajith has worked with artists like Pankaj Udas and also a few popular YouTubers. He has been a part of many NGO projects and trained visually challenged people for percussion in concerts. He has received various awards and titles like Mr. University, Smt. Mangalam Gopalakrishnan Endowment Award for Proficiency in Cultural Activities, Award for meritorious performance by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Govt. Of Kerala and many more. Prajith has always been the best Tabla student and has received multiple scholarships from Shri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts. His wisdom enables you to achieve creative freedom to blend various genres regardless of the instrument or even if you don’t own one!

Courses Offered

Tabla, Cajon, Djembe, Drums

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